In today’s sport, the increase in the technical and physical level of athletes and the evolution of the competition rules mean that the differences, on many occasions, consist of psychological aspects related to attitude, mentalization, thoughts, emotions; in short, with the behavior of the protagonists of sport.

Incorporating motivational training for all professionals in the sports environment is a necessary aspect to promote and channel the potential of athletes, both in the competitive field and in recreational and grassroots sports.

Coaches, managers, medical professionals, referees and heads of federations participate in an accompaniment process that, structured, contributes to developing the potential and performance of athletes and the quality of the sports institutions in which they participate.

The Specific Training Course in Initiation to Sports Coaching has the objective of making the coaching tool known to people linked to sport.

The student / a with the completion of this course will reach the basic skills that will help them to become a better professional, more qualified, qualified and trained in matters related to sports coaching.

This course is intended for Graduates in Physical Education, Graduates in Physical Education, Graduates in business, coaches, technicians, free-time sports monitors, physiotherapists, lawyers, management teams, public administrations, and all those interested in Physical Education and Sport.

Course Description

The Specific Training Course in Initiation to Sports Coaching has the objective of making the coaching tool known to people linked to sport. For this, 5 modules carefully prepared will be developed so that the student acquires all the necessary tools for professional success.

In a first module, basic knowledge about coaching will be addressed: definition, principles, objectives, importance in the field of sport, etc.

Later the teacher will investigate aspects related to communication exposing different aspects related to it. In module III the student will be able to analyze the objectives that should be established in the field of coaching, the development of the action plan, and the factors that can improve or worsen planning.

Leadership and the strategies necessary to be a good leader will be addressed in module IV and later, in the last module, investigate aspects of intervention, detailing the coaching interventions for athletes, coaches, referees, and managers or directors.

Undoubtedly an important course that will change your knowledge regarding coaching.


This is a course designed with the advice of important sports federations and associations, as well as clubs and foundations that are actively involved with this training. It also collects experiences in specific coaching from the Widad college postgraduate program in Sports Coaching Psychology. For more articles like this one, click here

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