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You have probably noticed a lot of times how husbands talk badly of their partners like they are really the worst. Yes, this is not a new scenario and in fact, you can say that this is such a common situation. Husbands are usually good to their wives in the first years but after that, they will start hating them. Why do you think so? 


So, what could be the reasons behind husbands hatred of their wives? Are you in the same situation? Why do you think your husband hates you? Here some of the most probable reasons:


  • The house is usually messy


After a long tiring day, a husband will love to go back to a clean home and rest. But if the house is usually messy and he still needs to help in cleaning, chances are he will start to resent the wife, especially if she is a full-time housewife. He will right away assume that while he is out there working for the family, she could be just idling. The thing is,  no matter how busy you are, you should always make sure that when the time comes for your partner to arrive, your home is clean so he can rest peacefully. 


  • Always nagging


Nagging is one of the most common complaints of husbands. You might assume that if you nag, things will be done easily, but that is not the case and in fact, it will be the other way around. If you have something to be done, it is best to do it in a calmer way. Yes, you might have told them such chores a million times, but still being calm is the most effective way. 


  • Too close to a relative of friends


Another reason why a husband will get angry with his wife is when she is not home every time he arrives from work. If you happen to be always out because of relatives or friends, this can really cause some problems. Even if you need to go out at times, but you should make sure that once your husband arrives from work, you are there and if not, you should ask permission, so he will know ahead. At the same time, this should not happen often. He should still be your priority. 


  • Kids are messy


The kids are messy. Yes, this can be quite annoying if you are a full-time housewife. After all, the kids should be the next priority and in fact, there are times that they top the list because they are known for their rebellious phase and temper. So, you have to try hard so your kids will always look neat. This can also affect their health you know and this can cause a problem later on. 

So, is your husband mad most of the time? You can still appease his anger if you will try to make him happy and satisfied at night. The sex toys might be able to help you achieve this and you can just view this to buy them online.

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