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According to research published in the British Journal of Psychology, highly bright people grew less happy as they spent more time with friends. Spending quality time with oneself, in other words, is excellent for your general well-being and leads to higher life satisfaction. When you work alone, you may move at your own speed, think and reflect, and learn new things.

“Me time” does not have to include a whole day at the spa. In fact, if you just have a few minutes in the midst of the day, it will be enough. You should set aside some time each day to rest and recharge, so whether it’s 20 minutes or a couple of hours, here are the things that you can do on your own time.

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  1.       Take a nap

Maybe napping sounds irrelevant to be made as a me time activity because we sleep every night. But it can be considered as one especially for people who rarely get enough sleep during the nights. Taking a 30 minutes nap at least once a day can help to blow the stress away.

  1.       Watch movies

This is one of the activities that most people do when they need some time because even if you are watching alone, you can still feel like there are people around you because of the sound from the movies. Which makes you be alone but not actually feeling alone. It is good for your own peace.

  1.       Self – pamper day

Pampering ourselves is not only for women but it can be done by everyone in this world. You can go to the spa, do manicure and pedicure or you can buy jewelleries at the store. It is good to pamper yourselves at least once or twice in a month so that you know that you are appreciating yourself for doing a good job every day.

  1.       Play online games

The thing about online games is you can choose whether you want to play alone or with random strangers on the same apps. For example, if you play casino online in Malaysia, you can play with anyone without having to know who they are. And that can be quite enjoyable.

  1.       Go for a hike

If you are a sporty person, going for a hike can be something that you enjoy doing. You can choose either to follow the hiking group or go alone. It really depends on you and you will be able to enjoy nature while doing so.

  1.       Make a journal

Making a journal, especially the artsy ones, can be hard and stressful if you are not used to it. It requires creativity and time but that is actually one of the ways that you can express your feelings and emotions without actually expressing it to other people.

  1.       Baking

Being in the kitchen can really help to boost your happy emotions and make you feel better about yourselves. You can also cook but if you bake cakes or muffins, the sweet smell will make you feel happy. Trust me, I have done it a lot of times. You also will be able to enjoy the goods that you have baked as a reward for spending time in the kitchen. 


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