It is without a doubt that many people want to go online. They create their own blogs, pages, and websites and for them to do that, they would have to get the services of one of the top hosting companies out there.
But, what exactly is web hosting and why is it necessary if you are planning on building your own website? Well, you will find the answers that you see by reading through the entire article.

What is Web Hosting?

To explain this in the best way possible, you could say that web hosting is akin to your rent. Think of your website as a digital house. For you to be able to establish your house, you need a certain space that would allow you to build your own page.

Web hosting is basically that lot that is provided to you, but instead of you owning the lot, you are actually renting that piece of digital land.

To explain it in a more technical way, a web host is basically a company that owns plenty of servers. Servers are powerful computers that are built to run all the time. Each server has huge storage spaces that allow the companies to store as many websites as possible, depending on the plan that the user gets.

Once you rent a space from a certain web host, you are now allowed to create your website and uploads the necessary files for it to run on their servers.

After your website is all set, a user would just have to input the correct URL to start accessing your website. Once they pressed the Enter key, it would ping your web host’s server so that it can deliver the necessary information to the user so that they can access your website shortly after.

How Does It Work?

For you to be able to build your digital house (aka website), you need a piece of digital land that will allow you to do so.
A web host can provide you with that but instead of you owning an actual piece of digital land, you are actually just renting it. Typically, web hosts would provide you their services on a monthly basis, but you can also sign up for annual plans if that is what you want.

That being said, depending on the plan that you get, you will be given your very own digital land so that you can start building your own website.

You build your website, you put all of its files in its servers, and the web host will be able to put your site online for everyone to access.

Once your website is up and running, you will be given a link or a URL that your users can input on their favorite web browsers if they want to access your page.

So that basically sums up web hosting. Whether you go for a free host or a more premium service, web hosting still acts quite similarly.

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