Where can I buy a mechanical watch in Malaysia?

Malaysian watches are amazing experiences. Buying that amazing watches are just the start of a great adventure, though. You need to be able to take watch care seriously. This leads you to the question–where should you wear it, on your left or right wrist? Many people believe that wearing it on the left wrist is the “officially correct” way of wearing it.

Do you agree with this?

Well, there is no need for you to follow “rules’ ‘ when it comes to wearing watches on your left wrist. The crucial part here is that you wear your watch depending on your level of comfort. Do what works with you–that’s all that matters.

Wearing the watch on the right wrist

Many people wear their watches on their non-dominant hands. Consequently, several left-handed people tend to wear their timepieces on their right hands. This is also why big watch brands like Tudor have designed left-hand watches, with the crown guards and crown at the left side of the case. The position makes it comfortable for left-handed individuals to wear their watches.

Since most us are right handed, this means that they wear watches on the left wrist. This is not always the case, though. There are also right-handed people who wear watches on the right wrist. The reason why most people choose to wear their watches on the non-dominant wrist, they can utilize their dominant hand more, without accidentally breaking or scratching their timepiece. Of course, if you are right handed, you are doing more tasks with your right hand.

Work hard to protect your watch from accidents

Your watch strap can play a big role in protecting your timepiece from serious accidents. Why don’t you use straps? This can prevent the watch from falling off the wrist, just in case one spring bar breaks. Since this strap is double layered, your watch would always be held by at least a single spring bar. Thus, whether or not you want to wear the watch at the non-dominant hand, you can protect it, since there is something that can help you keep it safe.

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