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Nowadays with the modern technology that we had, our lives had gotten so much easier. We can shop at a different store in a whole new country while laying in our bed, we can learn a new language just by watching all of these teachings vides on Youtube. That is how much our life has become more convenient and easier and we could not imagine a life without technologies and the Internet. 


online casino games



However, every good thing must have its own disadvantages or cons. And just like everything else the Internet is also something that we should be totally careful with. Just because nowadays we can play online casino games doesn’t mean we can completely trust the Internet and everything we see online. Now that the Internet and technologies have evolved so do the crime, they also have evolved to a new level where they don’t commit petty crimes anymore. Instead, they’ll opt for cybercrimes like voice phishing, scamming, hacking, etc. 


First, we need to understand what is the meaning of cybercrime before we deep dive into it. The meaning of cybercrime is a crime that is being committed using a technology device like a laptop to have access to someone’s personal information, government information, confidential business information, or selling the information to third parties. All crimes that are being committed online by using a device are considered a cybercrime. Most of the time cybercrime can be categorized into 2 groups which are crimes that target networks or devices by using viruses, malware, or other things and crimes that used devices to engage in that criminal activities like voice phishing, personal fraud, and identity theft. 


The categories of cybercrimes will usually be put into 3 groups which are individual, property, and government. The crimes and the methods that are being used in all of these 3 groups are usually different. An individual cybercrime is usually when one person distributes personal information, or any illegal information online and this type of crime will usually be through pornography, cyberstalking, and identity fraud. 


Meanwhile, property crimes are something that is similar to real-life crimes like stealing. The hacker will steal your personal information like your bank account and hack into your bank to steal all of your money. They sometimes make online purchases by using your bank account and most of the time this will happen when one person fell into the scam of voice phishing. And lastly which is the government. This type of cybercrime will least likely to happen because accessing the information of the government is tough and you need a lot of manpower to do that, even when you’re doing it online. It’s not impossible because they’ve been some cases where the government-private information has been leaked to the public, being sold on the dark website illegally, and others. These types of cybercrimes will usually be committed by terrorists or the enemy governments of other nations. 


In conclusion, even if we are doing anything online we still need to be safe and protect our personal information. Because if it does fall to the wrong person many things that they can do to make our life miserable. So, it is important for us to practice safe online.

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