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The bond between parents and their children is very precious and should be cherished. No matter how often you disagree with each other, it has become a norm for both sides to come to an agreement and forget everything that happened right after. As you grow older, you will realise how time has changed when you see your children becoming adults and starting their own family. You will miss chasing around your kids in the lawn and accompanying them to their dentist appointments. You will come to realise how grateful you should be when they are still young and are always around in the house. Despite their rebellious phase and temper, you should try to spend as much time as you can with your children. Even when they grow up as adults and come back home once in a while to visit you, try to do some activities together.

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If you have no idea what to do, here are some recommended activities parents can try to bond with their children.

Board Games

Board games have always been an all-time favorite for families no matter how old they are. You can spend some time playing chess with your child as they are a good choice of game where you observe your opponent’s moves and strategy. As family members, you will find this game entertaining as you try to predict each other’s familiar tactics or moves. Besides chess, try Monopoly where you can play this with a big group of people. Throughout the game, you will be able to feel frustrated, overjoyed and confused all at the same time. This game allows you to bond with your children as you laugh and enjoy the game. If you find board games to be time-consuming or you lose the board somewhere in the store room, you can also try card games. There are many types of card games such as UNO, Old Maid, Snap and Werewolf. Such indoor games are good to lighten your children’s mood and let you have a relaxing time together.


It is not surprising that fishing is one of the activities you can suggest to bond with your children. This recreational activity gives you a chance for a private space and time for you and your children to enjoy each other’s presence. Since fishing is commonly done somewhere secluded and quiet, it encourages you to have a nice talk together while fishing. Be a good listener as your children open up about their concerns and insecurities. As parents, this opportunity might not come often as some children do not prefer to share these with their parents. They don’t want their parents to worry or overthink about their issues, hence they choose to bottle up their feelings. As they feel relaxed with you in the comforting environment like the river and lake where you go for fishing, they might feel comfortable to open up and have a talk with you. Listen to them and share your advice for them, which can be exactly what they need from you.

Forex Trading

Yes, that’s right. Discussing investment with your grown-up children is also another way to bond. This is because they are at the age where they are interested in making changes to their income by investing. What you can do is to suggest forex trading, especially if you are experienced in this field. Give them recommendations about best online forex brokers and answer their questions about this type of trading. This will give you an opportunity to have a nice talk with them about your experiences and their opinions.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are many ways you can bond with your children. You can try board games, fishing and even forex trading can help you spend quality time together.  If you can think of other ways such as reading together, then go for it. Cherish all the time together because you never know how often you will meet each other in the future. Appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had, they say.

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