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The saying that goes, ‘we will never know where our limits end if we do not push ourselves to the end’ has never made so much sense until the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world and made us realise what used to be impossible is actually possible. There are so many changes that we have to make in our daily and mundane life ever since we are about to risk our health to be infected by the deadly virus. Because the preventive measures for this infectious disease are to keep our distances apart from one another, a lot of our activities that consist of a big group of people needs to be put on hold. In Malaysia, the newly implemented law regarding COVID-19 included only three people who can be in the same car. This was proposed in hopes to reduce the number of infection cases around the country. To be socially distant from one another is just one of the many steps to take. We also have to wear face masks to prevent having direct contact with the virus and frequent hand washing to clean off any skin rubbing against contaminated areas. 

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Because the precautions are all leaning towards being alone is better than being a group of people, a lot of educational institutions and corporations are taking this more seriously. This has pushed mankind to think outside of the box and come up with a solution of how people who used to work in the same space can do the same without being psychically present. In no time, there are many adoptions of the idea of working and doing things virtually. In a world that is full of wondrous technological advancement, we already have FaceTime, Skype and other video calling platforms that we can engage virtually. We used to have no choice but to attend our workplaces because it is where things are done but with COVID-19, it is proven that working remotely from home is still possible. 

Another thing that you can do virtually is to have educational learning online. A lot of universities have fostered this method right after the pandemic started because they believe students are flexible and they need to learn no matter what. In Malaysia, tertiary students have been going for online classes for almost a year now and there is no problem except for the occasional electronic problems and Internet connection that is not strong enough. 

Now, we can even stay at home without moving an inch and your dinner is already on the front porch. The technology has evolved very well that it is not a problem that we have to lock ourselves inside the house. We can buy food online as well these days. For people who tend to frequent crowded places like gyms or casinos, they can find another solution for this matter. There are a lot of gym trainers that engage in Google Meet or Zoom to teach others virtually and you can also experience casino malaysia online on your smartphone. 

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