Although sometimes underestimated, secretaries and assistants are one of the key profiles in companies. For many companies, they are part of the success of their internal development. These support professionals influence communication, climate, senior executives, and specific areas. Study the course at diploma in secretarial management course

Secretaries have a role that contributes to the general efficiency of the business, participating closely in the economic and cultural development of organizations. They represent the link between the company and different external agents.

Over the years and with technological advances, the role of secretaries has evolved, diversified and expanded to fulfill new responsibilities, becoming progressively more impactful to the heart of the business.

How has the role of secretaries changed over time?

Currently, the role of assistants and secretaries has undergone an important transformation change in the market. In recent years, profiles have gradually assumed greater relevance for the general maintenance of companies.

Some of the new situations in which secretaries are currently involved are the organization of teams, the maintenance of internal communication projects and the solution of emerging situations in office spaces.

Of the secretaries at present, a high capacity for innovation is required for the implementation of initiatives. This represents a total evolution in the way they are considered by the leadership bodies of companies. This new level of demands at the same time results in the need for higher levels of training.

Senior executives have begun to see the profile of secretaries as a necessary business partner for their good development and productivity in the business environment. So it is part of her own initiative that the trend has emerged to involve assistants and secretaries more in business management. For this reason, many companies have aimed to provide their attendees with training and learning spaces that allow their professional development.

What is the importance of the role of secretaries in crisis management?

Corporate secretaries face an extraordinary variety of challenges in times of crisis. Changes in organizational climates, resignations and layoffs, executive departures, business losses are all situations that require high levels of confidentiality and good management of information.

On occasions of conflict and organizational storming, the secretaries function as intermediaries between the different areas, supporting not only the management and communication of the managements but also the direct work with the employees.

Most secretaries and assistants will be able to identify difficult moments within the company, advising them when they consider it necessary. An instinctive capacity that develops over the years within their roles and that can greatly impact the organization.

It is their ability to deal with and face different agents and clients in their work routine, which acquire the ability to lead complex situations, manage a good level of care and adapt to different personalities, which is essential during any crisis situation. For more articles like this one, click here.

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