When resorting to a mortgage for a condo for sale selayang or a selayang apartment, it is important to really take into account the amount that you can pay off on a monthly basis. Think over all the available risks and potential opportunities: a decrease in salary or, conversely, a promotion, stagnation or prosperity of the industry, the possibility of having a child in the near future. Do not forget that the mortgage will require additional time spent on obtaining certificates, choosing a bank, and paperwork.

In case of bad credit, there are alternative mortgage options

It does not require a down payment, collection of certificates and documents. In this case, you can immediately move into the apartment and live in it. However, such offers on the market are still unreasonably few.

Essential Questions

You have decided to buy a second apartment, how to find a suitable one? What to focus on? How many options will you have to go through? Do you need to look for the perfect or agree to compromises? Rent an apartment with a finished renovation or do it yourself?

The Whole Market Situation

The entire market for the sale and purchase of secondary real estate is subdivided into segments according to the same principle as the market for new buildings. As a rule, there are four main categories of housing: economy, comfort, business and luxury. The first (and the most budgetary of them) includes apartments in panel houses, the service life of which at the moment is more than 30 years. As a rule, such apartments are located in areas that are not the best in terms of infrastructure, transport accessibility and ecology. 

The segment of comfort can also include panel housing, but the age of the houses will be no more than 25-30 years. In addition, the comfort class (compared to the economy class) is characterized by more convenient layouts and higher ceilings. Business class implies monolithic housing, both complex and infill development; often with a guarded courtyard and its own parking. The elite segment is one-piece, club housing in the most prestigious districts of the city (as a rule, in the historical center or in the villages of the nearest suburbs).

Last Words

There is a common joke about buying a second home that goes something like this: “How to save up for an apartment in the center of the capital from the average salary of a manager? No way. “The buyer of an apartment must clearly understand what opportunities he has and how they correlate with desires.

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