We definitely strongly recommend contacting the chairman or future neighbors regarding this information. You should be interested in whether there is a common TV antenna in the apartment building, what are the possible internet service providers or cable TV, where the engineering networks are located.

Modern Options for You

In the case of modern flats, other services are also a part of it, such as a reception or a common children’s playground. Get acquainted with the operation of these services, which can represent added value, but also unexpectedly higher costs of fees associated with the use of the apartment.

Be sure to ask what common areas can be used in the Ara Damansara condo. There is often a carriage house or bicycle shed, or for rent attic spaces, chambers near apartments, gardens in front of apartment buildings, or a workshop, dryer, or other spaces. But there’s also places like a house for rent Segambut or condo for rent Titiwangsa.

Get To Know The Energy Demand Of The Building And Management

The fact that the apartment building has a new facade or plastic windows – you will know at first glance. It can certainly tell about the energy intensity of housing but insist on a written basis. Currently, most apartment buildings have already processed the energy label of the property, more on this issue, for example, in our blog article Energy Performance Certificate of the building updated information.

The energy label will therefore tell you how economical the use of the apartment will be. In addition to the label, it is good to have the actual consumption documented – ideally a proof of paid advances and fees in favor of SVJ and also at the last annual billing of these services. In the prescription of advances, only information on what consumption of electricity, water, heat, services, per person was calculated on the basis of a probabilistic calculation can be seen. The number of persons for which such consumption is calculated should also be indicated. In any case, this is a rough idea of ​​energy consumption. If a family with small children living in the apartment and the heating, therefore, ran all day, their consumption will be much higher than for a young couple who are at work all day and turn on the heating in the morning and evening.


In the annual statement, you will also find information on the management (or the cooperative) and the actual settlement of these prescribed advances. Also, have the owner of the apartment present the current indebtedness of the services associated with the apartment. Each accountant will usually prepare it, usually free of charge. If you like this article, you could also check out this website for more. 

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