unifi internet

With Time optical fiber, it is deployed by 2021 in 696 municipalities for 377,000 households and businesses, the region’s inhabitant’s benefit from true High Definition on their television sets. Optical fiber is also the only technology offering a 4K quality image.

unifi internet

The Right Use of the Technology

This technology offers a resolution of approximately 8 million pixels, which is four times more than High Definition.

This image format is currently being offered on an experimental basis by television channels, but some video platforms are already using it, such as Youtube or Netflix. The latter also advises Internet users to have an Internet connection of 25 Mbps minimum to enjoy a program in 4 K. 4K is also commonplace for video games. For that you need the unifi internet now.

Another bad point:

With ADSL, the HD signal is compressed. Note also that ADSL transmission is the one that applies the highest compression rate, sometimes at the cost of image quality.

  • In addition, to enjoy an Internet channel in HD, the connection speed required is 8 megabits / second. Below this speed, the connection is too weak to convey a high definition quality image.
  • Having a latest generation high definition television (HDTV 1080p or even 4K), equipped with a TNT-HD tuner and HDMI inputs, is not enough to be sure of enjoying programs in native HD.
  • To broadcast real HD TV via ADSL, you would need an overall bit rate of at least 15 megabits / second.

Finally, optical fiber is the only technology that allows different members of a household to take full advantage and under the best conditions of viewing several televisions simultaneously. While this option is certainly available in ADSL, it makes perfect sense with optical fiber.


Indeed, having several decoders connected at the same time to the same box slows down the Internet connection and can degrade the quality of the images. The connection speed of the optical fiber makes it possible to avoid this type of inconvenience and to maintain maximum image quality. Internet connection applications like 5GMark or nPerf are also widely used and used, ZDNet or even the sites of the operators themselves.

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