Books are a treasure trove of knowledge. If you are reading this, it means you’re looking for a good book or two to enjoy. Put down that multi-level marketing software as we’ve gathered some books that you can read to ensure you have a great weekend. These books vary from fiction to nonfiction and some are even sad stories that you can enjoy. Some of these books even have movie adaptations of them so if you ever get bored of reading, you can hop on to your preferred movie server like Netflix and watch the movie you want to.  So here are some books you should read this season to pass time and enjoy.

The first book we’ve read is The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The boy in the striped pyjamas is about a tale about two boys during the holocaust. The tale is about a boy with a father who works for Hitler back in the 1940s. The boy moved next to a concentration camp and did not realise it. The young boy wandered into the outskirts of the prison and became friends with a Jewish boy who was imprisoned there. Both boys spoke for weeks and became extremely good friends not releasing either one of their circumstances. The boy outside the fence will then join the boy indoors and what awaits them is a horrible outcome.

The next book is Rich Dad Poor Dad, this book by Robert Kiyosaki is rated as one of the best financial advice books of all time. The book describes Robert Kiyosaki’s life as a child where after his mother remarried he had two fathers. One poor dad and one rich dad. The rich dad and poor dad would advise Kiyosaki differently when asked about the same circumstances. Kiyosaki took the advice of both his dads to heart and picked out which was best for him. The rich dad gave him financial advice while the poor dad gave him advice on security.

Next is a book that was relatively known within its time which is Me before you. The book written by Jojo Moyes was much acclaimed during its time. The book turned into a movie, grossed millions and stole the hearts of many. The book starred the waitress Louisa Clark and William Traynor who met each other in an odd circumstance. Traynor was quadriplegic person  who met Clarke who was his caretaker. Both eventually fell in love although there were other issues coming up.

The final book you should read is The Hunger Games trilogy. You’ve probably seen the movies for the trilogy and probably never read the book. If you have not, the book is just as good, probably even better than the movie. The books have more descriptive content that were not emphasized in the book. The books also had hidden easter eggs that were not emphasized in the movies.

Now that we’ve shared our list with you, we hope you get on to a bookstore and get cracking on reading. These books are a treat to read and are as relaxing as it can be. If you have extra time we recommend reading the entire series of some of these books as the continuation of the stories get better and better. Happy reading. 

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