A corner that has been folded. A leftover receipt. An optimistic belief that we will be able to recall the page number completely. We all have a strategy for noting our place in a book before closing it for the time being, but it’s far too often ineffective or unappealing. Remember, those dog-eared page corners will leave their imprint on our books long after we’ve finished reading them! However, there is a simple solution: bring back the bookmark! A decent bookmark will keep your place in the book more clearly and reliably than a soiled scrap of paper, and it will protect the structural integrity of each page. You’ll never go back to the times of guessing whether you were on page 67 or page 76 once you’ve tried a decent bookmark. You use these bookmarks for every book that you own even if it’s about an MLM business plan.


  • Laser Cut Arrow

This small laser cut metal arrow is the cutest bookmark you’ll ever see. It’s far cuter and more efficient than the ripped notebook paper you usually use, and it’s subtle yet stylish.


  • Book Keeper

This is a bookmark as well as a fixture: Attach it to the wall near your favourite reading area to ensure that your current book is always nearby and that your reading spot is clearly defined.


  • Stamped Spoon

This flat and stamped antique spoon makes the perfect place holder, making it a one-of-a-kind bookmark. This bookmark, inscribed with words that every reader can connect to, is one you won’t misplace.


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  • Butterflies

Consider purchasing these bookmarks, which make it appear as if butterflies have perched on your books if you’ve ever wished to experience a true Disney princess moment. The set has ten pieces with various designs.


  • Brass Feather

This brass feather will be the most elegant bookmark you ever have had, more elaborate than any free one you’ll find at the library. It appears to be the type of page marker that is more suitable with classics, as it is delicate and intricate.


  • Albatros

Simply turn each page and this smart bookmark will pop into place, marking your stopping position when you close the book. Superb!


  • Crocodile

These ingenious placeholders give the impression that a crocodile is perched on your book. When you take up this ominous bookmark, you’ll see the reptile’s razor-sharp teeth, a warning to others not to lose their position. (If you prefer mammals, there’s now a hippopotamus option.)


  • Art Deco Bookkeeper

Owners of strewn-about baggage should rejoice. This bookmark has an elastic band that keeps your book closed in transit, guaranteeing that the bookmark doesn’t fall out and your new novel’s pages don’t get crushed in the mess of your book tote.


  • Hogwarts House

These lovely metal bookmarks are the perfect placeholder for the dedicated Harry Potter fan who reads and rereads the series (don’t we all?). Only one question remains: which house will you select?


  • Lamp

Allow this lamp-shaped bookmark to light the way back to where you left off. The lamp is positioned on top of the book, with the yellow light beam nestled between the pages. It’s available in three different colours: white, red, and grey.


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