desa park city

When going for an apartment in Desa Park City the right space one thing to see potential, but finding the time and budget to transform a home is another story altogether. Examine the display carefully to see if the interior is hot or cold. You can even look out for Glenmarie Properties.

desa park city

Is there a lot of natural light? And the air? How does it circulate?

Don’t underestimate the importance of the view from the house: if you have a tall gray building in front of you, you can’t hope to see the sunset.

Moisture and mold

Check that there are no water marks and stains, or that the paint has not been damaged by moisture – these can indicate a ventilation problem. If the house is on the top floor of an apartment building, open doors and closets to identify possible odors, humidity and hidden mold.

Current and electrical system

If the switches and sockets are not in good condition, the electrical system may be dated and will soon need to be replaced. If you buy an old house that needs to be completely renovated and modernized, in 90% of cases the electrical system needs to be completely replaced.

Especially with old-fashioned buildings the need arises to redo the electrical system or to intervene on some components to bring everything up to standard. Sometimes moisture and wear make even relatively new implants completely unsafe and unreliable.

Water system and water pressure

Open the faucets in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room and check the pressure and color of the water, as well as the drains.

If the house is independent, perhaps in a historic center, check that there is an external water storage tank for when the pressure is significantly reduced. Otherwise, you risk running out of water in the evening or in very hot summers.

Check the heating too: is the boiler working, is it in good condition? What radiators are there? Has the heating system been overhauled over the years?

Air conditioning

It is easy to understand if a house needs an air conditioning system : just visit it in the summer or look at the exterior of the neighboring apartments.

  • If you see several air conditioning motors, it will surely serve you.
  • If there is already an implant, check that it is functional and not too dated.

Energy class and consumption

Malaysia has also adapted to the Directive on energy performance in buildings which provides for the obligation to assign an energy class to each property .

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