3 Classic Online Games That Anyone From The Early 2000s Would Remember

The early 2000s was a pretty interesting time period as far as they go; with flip phones automatically making you a ‘cool kid’ and songs like Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl blasting through the radios. But the gaming scene of the time was a pretty fascinating one, too – with an array of odd titles getting popular and mainstream, and incredibly nostalgic for those old enough to remember those classic times.

While some of the following games are so old by now that they’re either incredibly out-dated (this is probably a good time to say goodbye, flash – we’ll miss you!) or shut-down altogether, there are still some that are still available to be played today. So if you really want a trip down memory lane, all you need is Time broadband package Malaysia to explore these old games for yourself!

Here are 3 classic online games that anyone from the early 2000s would remember!

1. Neopets

Neopets is possibly the classic pet owner simulator game that dominated the early 2000s. Still accessible today via the website neopets.com, the game featured a cast of adorable(?) fantasy creatures, known as ‘neopets’, that you could choose and adopt based on your preference. Then it’d be up to you, as a pet owner, to take care of your pet by feeding it, attending to it’s needs, and basically making sure it isn’t miserable – you know, kind of like a real pet but…virtualized.

Not to mention, Time broadband Malaysia features a map of the overarching world to which it belongs; also known as ‘Neopia’. But be wary – not everything in this game is sugary sweetness as you’d expect, and some dark secrets may lurk around corners best left undisturbed!

(As I said: the early 2000s was weird.)

2. Club Penguin

In this day and age, who doesn’t remember, or at least heard of, Club Penguin?

The massive multiplayer online game of the era, Club Penguin was a cute game situated in a world of Penguins; in which every city and town was built atop an iceberg and all the inhabitants of said cities were penguins. You could make an account and subsequent penguin avatar for yourself, then explore the world of Club Penguin in all it’s cutely-rendered, mini-game-filled glory – and due to it’s nature as an MMO, you could also log on and greet (or throw snowballs at) your friends!

Sadly, the game was discontinued in 2017; rendering the original experience of waddling about town as a penguin practically inaccessible. But still – owing to it’s early 2000s popularity, Club Penguin is a game that will definitely live on in the memories of those who remember it!

3. Habbo

Habbo is an interesting website that functions less as a game and more as a place for people to log in and hang out. Still up and running today, the Habbo game allows you to make and customize your own pixel avatar, and then enter a game full of virtual hangout spots and personal homes for you to customize and invite your friends to. Every user basically gets their own room in the titular ‘Habbo Hotel’, with a space of your own that you can furnish to your liking with all the furniture you managed to attain. It’s definitely a game with social needs at it’s forefront, but it’s still pretty fun for those who want to chill out and relax in a virtual setting!

The early 2000s was definitely an interesting place for gamers to be, what with all the fascinating (and odd!) games that were circulating within the Internet! While some of these games may still be running and others unfortunately shut down, the gaming experience of the early 2000s is something that will definitely continue to live within the memories of those who remember it – and possibly, if we’re lucky, breathed new life through reimaginings or sequels!

Poker is one of the most complex online casino or land-based casino games out there. That is because it can be both as simple or difficult depending on the level of experience the players possess.

If you are reading this article, I am assuming that you really want to become a really good poker player. You might even have hopes and dreams of winning it all at the World Series Poker. That is a truly might ambition; one that I might be able to help you with.
Whether you are a complete beginner or already an intermediate poker player, read further to find out where you should start to get good at playing the game.

Before Anything Else

It should go without saying that you study and familiarize yourself with the basic terminologies used in the game. You should be acquainted with the terms raise, fold, call, check, hole cards, community cards, river, and so much more.

The reason why the basics have to be learned by heart is so that implementing different poker strategies will become second nature to you. Consider them as tools in your arsenal that you can whip out and utilize whenever a particular situation calls for it.

Get Familiar with the Hand Ranking

Have you ever heard of the terms ‘royal flush’, ‘full house’, and ‘four of a kind’? They are actually terms used to refer to the different hand rankings or card combinations in the game.

Keep in mind that, in some games, hand rankings might be different in terms of its strength. For example, in Texas Hold’em, the higher hand ranking is the royal flush but in some games, the same card combination is the lowest. That is why you need to be familiar with the rules first.

The Betting Round

As a poker player, you should know by now the meaning of the flop. The flop is basically the point of the game where three community cards will be dealt but will only be revealed to the player one at a time.

The pre-flop, then, is the period where the players will make a move before the flop happens (where the cards will be revealed). It is important that you make your moves accordingly as it is crucial for your success in the game.

During the pre-flop, you can either call, check, raise, or fold. In the first pre-flop, you will give your ante bet which is a term used to refer to your initial wager. If you are dealt a bad hand and no other community cards can salvage it, it is best that you just fold.

What About Limits?

In certain games, there are certain limits that will be revealed to you by the dealer. The players can vote to go with a certain limit or you go no-holds-barred.

For instance, if you play a poker game with a pot limit, your bets should not go beyond the current money that is inside the pot.
With the no-limit option, however, you pretty much have all the freedom to bet as much money as you want.

One of the most popular sports that punters go to when it comes to online sports betting is horse racing. Although it is technically quite easy for anyone to place the bets, the sheer number of technical jargon being thrown around may make it quite cumbersome for new bettors.
This article will serve as your basic guide to horse race betting so do read further to find out some important information before you get started.

Create Multiple Accounts

This tactic may seem cheating by some, but it actually isn’t. When you sign up for an account, you are eligible to receive sign-up bonuses that you can use to increase your winnings.

You will not be charged anything when you sign-up for an account. The only time where you are required to put money is when you start placing bets.

Ideally, you’d want to create more than 5 accounts, but 3 or 4 is a good place to start.

Learn About the Tracks

One of the most important skills that you need to have when it comes to horse race betting is the ability to have a keen eye on the race track.

The race track is very important since it can influence how horses can run on the field. Study about the different aspects of it, such as the terrain, the weather condition and how it could affect the said terrain and other aspects that are associated with the race track itself.

Look at the Horses

Another important thing that you must do would be to look at the horses that are going to participate in the race. Since you are betting online, you do not have the luxury of actually going to the stable and see the horse for yourself. This makes it a bit challenging, but it is a skill that you can refine as you get better and better.

Look at the physical aspects of the horse. The stronger the leg muscles seem to be, the better the horse’s chance of winning is.

Don’t Always Go for the Favorite

Most of the time, bookmakers will try to entice you to bet on the favorite horse since you are most likely going to win. Well, there is some truth to that. Analysts will be the ones to say which horses would possibly win the race based on certain statistics, physical features, and past races.

But, despite the fact that this information is presented to you on a silver platter, it would still be best to not go for the favorite.
That is because a lot of people might also go for the favorite and because of the sheer number of punters placing bets on the same horse, your winnings might not be as high as you’d like it to be.

Again, it is best that you look at the horses yourself so that you will have an idea on which horse is better than the so-called favorite.

Watch Technical Analyses

Every time a horse race finishes, analysts would provide key information that may be helpful in future races. Be sure to watch some sports news shortly after the event so that you can learn a thing or two about the said race.

The Truth About Water Pills And Weight Loss

If you see yourself losing water weight and wouldn’t otherwise do it on your own, you might like it, but what’s to make people lose a few pounds quickly? According to Dr. Matthew D. Miller, a nutritionist at the University of California, San Diego, diuretics are a type of medication (prescription or over-the-counter) that forces the body to get rid of fluids.

However, you do not want to use water pills or diuretics to lose water without first talking to your doctor. Water pills are not explicitly safe, whether through a prescription or the kind you buy in the drugstore market. Really, using diuretics is a great way to get down and forget those skinny jeans. Although, there are best men’s energy boosters in Malaysia to help men perform better in bed. .

Doctors prescribe diuretics to people with high blood pressure to reduce the amount of salt in the body. Research in the American Journal of Kidney Disease linked higher dietary potassium with less sodium in the kidneys, reducing water retention and blood pressure. Diuretics, also known as water pills, are commonly used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and other chronic diseases.

Scientists believe the diuretic properties of the dandelion may have medical applications, including the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and other chronic diseases. Water tablets help you shed excess water, but some side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. If you feel excessively bloated, this is only temporarily offset by a small amount of water in your stomach, stomach acid, or other parts of the body.

If you take this type of diuretic for a long period of time, your kidneys compensate for its use and resume the normal amount of water and salt in your body even after you stop taking it. You will end up sticking to the weight you had before taking it, and you will soon return to your typical body weight as soon as you.

Water pills help you shed excess water, but it makes you feel super bloated, and it doesn’t help with your weight loss.

If you take any diuretic over a long period of time, your kidneys compensate for its use and resume the normal amount of water and salt in your body as soon as you stop taking it. So you are taking an additional risk with these products, and you will end up holding much more water than you did before you started taking them. There are reports of people who were hospitalized after taking water tablets because otherwise they were trying to drain themselves to lose weight temporarily. You will soon return to your typical body weight after you have stopped taking it.

If you believe you need water pills for weight loss, or if you have any discomfort or symptoms, talk to your doctor for advice and treatment. Never try to treat your own symptoms or weight gain without medical supervision.

Many diets reduce carbohydrate intake and cause a temporary loss of water weight, and these diets may include the herbal treatments listed above. You can also see over – the – switch (OTC) treatments to get rid of your water weights, such as weight loss supplements, diet pills or weight loss pills.

Here’s what you need to know about detox teas, what they can do for your body and why they’re not as effective as what we do instead. What no one is talking about is that all the extra sitting around in our bodies is the main cause of our obesity. If you learn to rid the body regularly of this additional waste, weight loss and maintenance will be effortless.

One can expect to lose as much weight as possible in a short time, but it depends on how much water weight one is carrying. If you want to lose a lot of weight and jump – start your diet and lose everything, water pills or other weight loss methods can be helpful. Depending on your age, body type and weight, you can lose up to 10-20% of your body weight in just a few weeks.

Families and acquaintances frequently raise this query because they can’t grasp why gamblers experience unnecessary misery and unhappiness among themselves and loved ones. Why not pause and be happy if anything triggers such a problem? A related issue is “Why would certain people play without having any issues inside their boundaries? Plays a symptom of vulnerability or of failing to cope with it? The truth is rarely so easy, however. Gambling issues are often viewed as entirely unregulated and ‘just quitting’ is not a realistic solution.

Moreover, given difficulties that it creates in their everyday lives, often people are unable to understand why they want to play. The most obvious response to the problem is “for the money” but you might be willing to stretch yourself here. Do you keep playing in brick and mortar or online casinos until you are left with little to no money?

Many players are looking forward to the ‘major victory,’ which rarely comes and still appears tediously near. However, sometimes, they feel that getting a major victory merely strengthens their appetite to play more, keeping them stuck in a pattern that is difficult to resolve. This indicates that ‘in practice’ is the most valuable thing outside of making income. A big win will turn gambling from entertainment to wealth.

The trouble is that any form of gambling has a house edge, and the house still wins over time. Or the team still fails more seriously. This ensures that any games you play that are driven by the desire to win money, or to attempt and regain the money that you have already lost, does not succeed. Any sort of gaming can be a beneficial diversion towards pain, sadness or difficulties in life but will transform adversely as it ceases being a pleasure and is a way to deal with them. Since ignoring a question typically doesn’t force you to leave.

Gambling will leave you with a much bigger challenge, less income and less respect from family and friends. There’s another reason we think about gambling as the result of a greater life crisis. Although this might sound a little frightening to think, maybe wonder that gambling is correlated with other emotions for you or whether you prefer to gamble in certain situations. When you were really young it might have been a major part of your life. When you think of it in that manner, you can see that gambling problems are not a symptom of failure, but a means to function in a manner that makes a lot of sense at some point.

If gambling is an issue:

Gambling is a concern, it is rather difficult to describe. For everyone, it’s special. If you, your family or friends feel that your life might create difficulties, it is maybe time to halt your gambling. Take this easy query to find out whether gambling is an issue in your life. There are several misconceptions linked to gambling including:

If you have quit gambling and feel like it’s a challenge, then you may wonder why you play. Gambling isn’t a concern, though. Gambling therefore will shift and improve without you knowing that it becomes bigger in your life and that is when it can become a concern.

Why is avoiding so difficult?

People with gambling problems sometimes ask why they can’t quit. While there’s no gambling medication or product, the issue gambling is listed under the same segment of opioid and alcohol abuse of abuse under psychological literature. This dilemma is a dependence that has some of the same brain function features as reliance on drug understanding that quitting is often not necessary to make things happen. It also describes that many people fail to curb their gambling while trying to quit and will attempt and avoid several times before they succeed. It also illustrates that certain individuals are vulnerable, much as many forms of abuse, to gambling issues in the future.

Sex has also been significant to males with a close correlation between physical appearance and the concept of manhood.

Nonetheless, as we mature, sexual efficiency may not be as good as previously as for other body functions. Guys, you can do ten items in bed to boost your performance:

Be Prepared By Working Out

Exercise helps enhance movement of the body, boost flexibility and strength. The libido has even increased and intercourse can be a lot more fun for you and your wife has enhanced power and endurance.

Quit Smoking

Seek to stop if you’re smoking. Smoking influences the processing of the blood and can lead to erectile problems or weakened erections. Smoking frequently can halt longevity and stamina and can affect the sex drive.

Just Relax

Manage stress. Stress has been the leading trigger of multiple chronic problems due to our daily hectic careers and problems, frequent deadlines and endless running from one venue to another.

In males, weakened erections, lower testosterone rates, decreased genital activity and weakness can also occur. We might not be able to completely remove tension from our lives, but we will know how to handle it.

Choose your leisure time, socialization time, and family time through these you can control the stress.

Control Your Alcohol

A glass of wine may be nice, but it’s too bad to consume bottles and bottles of beer. Control the intake of alcohol. The blood supply to the penis is decreased and weakened erections are induced.

This even impairs your sense of balance such that you can not be as pleasant as you might like to be in bed.

Have a Balanced Diet

Healthy eating doesn’t only look lean and comfortable. A healthy diet, supported with the right supplements for men, influences all of the bodily activities, including reproductive wellbeing.

It is perfect for blood supply and libido to consume certain foods like avocados, salmon and pomegranates.

You will always agree that sex is certainly easier for all partners when you feel healty and fit.

Know Foreplay and How to Seduce

Sex is not only confined with the intercourse. Foreplay is equally important, if not more important, than penetration for most people especially for women.

It helps them to experience orgasmic physical euphoria. This should take you to the role of Sex God more closely.

Limit Your Caffeine

A new research has found that people who consume 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day are less likely to report erectile problems. Experts claim that caffeine has comparable property to erectile dysfunction medications such as sildenafil.

The stimulant causes a number of effects which relax the arteries in your penis and increase blood flow, both of them essential to a strong erection.

Sleep Properly

To better wellbeing, a decent night’s sleep is really necessary. For sexual wellbeing, it is also relevant. This functions in all cases, obviously. Sleep deprivation may affect sexual performance.

Sleeping good night increases libido and sex desire, while daily intercourse allows you to sleepbetter throughout the week. Make sure you sleep in comfort for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Practice and Learn

You can just develop with workouts, much as any physical exercise. Conduct it periodically. Find more opportunities to inspire and please your partner.

Fire it.

The usage of shockwave stimulation to penis has been shown to enhance the erection rate in recent research.

Shockwave treatment utilizes acoustic wave energy to trigger a cycle of fresh blood vessel development, or neovascularization. It increases blood supply to the genital region.

Shockwave therapy clinical studies have shown promising outcomes.

This is painless and does not have any adverse effects or downtime. Most people also noticed changes in their erections.

We have always shown that this procedure will increase the stiffness, intensity and energy of your erection even though you don’t have erectile dysfunction.

Keep your soil healthy.

Soil is the heart of every landscape design. If your healthy soil is healthy, it can absorb excess nutrients and sediments, retain water, minimize runoff and cycle nutrients. Don’t forget to have your garden’s soil tested for pH, organic matter, soil composition and nutrient content. There are tons of soil test kits available in the market.

Stick to a regular maintenance schedule.

Remove all the weeds whenever necessary. Also, replace the mulch around shrubs and other garden plants.

Eliminate or minimize fertilizer.

Do you know that adding fertilizer encourages new growth? This causes your entire landscape to need extra water. If you want to use fertilizer, look for those that contain “slow-release” or “natural organic” ingredients. These types of fertilizers feed the plants evenly and slowly.

Plan a water-smart landscape design.

Are you thinking of renovating your home, and then incorporating a water-smart design? Reach out to a Malaysia interior design company, so you can plan a landscape design with sufficient water based on your climate.

Group the plants depending on their water needs.

Grouping the plants based on their watering needs lessens water use, and at the same time protects all the plants from overwatering and underwatering. For instance, shrub areas and turf areas must be separated at all times into several “hydrozones” due to differing water requirements.

Aerate your garden soil.

Soil aeration can do wonders in your garden. You can do this with the help of a basic lawn aerator to increase water infiltration to the ground. This can also enhance the flow of water to your plants’ root zone.

Not Mixing Styles and Periods

Oftentimes, we feel limited and boxed in by our home’s architecture. As a result, we choose furniture depending on the time period and architecture. The right thing to do here is to mix several styles. For example, you can combine traditional crown molding with contemporary furniture pieces, contemporary art, African beaded benches and Moroccan antique rugs.

Forgetting to Measure

Always pay attention to the heights of furniture pieces, since traditional furniture is usually bigger than modern ones. A lot of people are having a hard time doing this, so they seek the help of an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Sticking with the most common Fabrics

When it comes to rugs, focus on quality. It’s crucial to choose rugs that would wear well. Beware of those seductive silk rugs. If you have a big family, wool is one of the best choices.

Failure to Test Living Room Arrangements

It’s important to look into views from major living room seating elements. For those who have big open rooms, it’s beneficial to sit on a piece of furniture while assessing the rest of the space. If you have a fireplace, figuring out where to put the television can be hard. You need to think about these things, and test various arrangements to end up with the perfect one.

Choosing the Wrong Sofa

I guess we can all agree that the best living rooms begin with a comfortable, quality and visually appealing sofa. A sofa is the key to absolute comfort, and is central to how a certain room looks and feels. Before buying a sofa, come up with a furniture floor plan. You can buy side tables and living room accessories on impulse, but never for a sofa. That is an expensive mistake.

Hanging Art Works Incorrectly

Art pieces hung in the wrong way on a living room wall are like characters in a TV show wearing incredibly ugly wigs. It can ruin the entire living room experience, and is utterly distracting. Hanging frames on eye level is not always correct, most especially if your ceilings are low.

There are specific kinds of hosting suggested by hosting reviews and offered by numerous companies including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated web hosting and so on. Shared hosting in contrast to VPS hosting is comparatively easier. The shared one is less expensive. Most people share the services of their website and network in the case of shared hosting. The system is split into virtual machines in VPS and therefore acts as separate dedicated servers. This allows you more power over the hosting plan. Nevertheless, you will take direct care of the capabilities of your cloud in the case of dedicated hosting.

Today, because you are a new site owner and your company is in the early stages, you can consider the shared hosting service the cheapest. Based on the site scale and the hosting service, it will support 30,000 to 40,000 unique visitors a month.

For pages getting a significant volume of traffic, VPS hosting is beneficial. It will help the websites by reaching nearly one million monthly.

When your site has more traffic which can not be managed with VPS, selecting the dedicated hosting solution is a smart choice. In turn, you will install more servers and provide other services such as RAM, energy and other.

However, you can check if the automated update option is accessible for hosting before selecting the company for your web server. It allows you to change your hosting package as the traffic to your website rises.

Linux or Windows.

The two most common operating systems on the web servers are Windows or Linux, In order to do this, you need to learn whether or not you must use some Windows services. Windows provides Windows services such as Active Server Sites, Microsoft Access, Visual Interdev, and Microsoft FrontPage. All systems have their own advantages, but the Windows servers are relatively cheaper because they are proprietary and Ubuntu is open source. Linux server is also quite reliable because it operates without error for a longer time and can accommodate many confrontational operations. A rebuild of the Windows servers is expected if it is modified or installed that is unacceptable for Linux. Linux servers are therefore less likely to have malware and virus assaults. Nonetheless, for use with Windows programs Windows servers are expected to be the best way to use Linux-based servers.


The websites actually in operation are not limited to just use HTML and CSS, but also also other languages, documents, files and much others. You will get an understanding of the specifications and check if the hosting company accepts them. You should get the right site server according to your needs. You will also have a clear understanding of compatible variants for various programming languages.

Add-on domain service and several domains.

Due to low domain name costs, more than a single domain name can be used by an individual. In the surveys, it was found that many individuals have more than one server. In addition, the need to include several subdomain / addon domains may also occur. This allows you in the results of your website because Google tends to use your domain and subdomains with the keyword. The development of the website will dramatically increase the number of domains and subdomains. This is why it is a good idea for the hosting company to look into the amount of subdomains and extension domains.

Required Tools.

There are various tools that support the online traffic on the platform. Once you pick one, you have to weigh certain things like RAM, disc space, bandwidth, etc. Therefore, you must ensure that you have ample resources to manage and operate your website at all times and to respond to all user requests.

Control Panel Convenience

One of the most used sites by domain owners and web development companies is the internet hosting control panel. In this portion, you will perform several tasks such as hosting, site configuration, upload / download data, backup development, scripting and CMS-installation, subdomain and domain-addressing, email management, routing, and several other tasks like these. Therefore, you have to choose an easy and user-friendly control panel. That guarantees the affordability and reliability of all the programs you need.

Reliability of the Service and Availability

Web sites should operate 24/7 as the web sites are down, so the prospective customers will move their purchases to the next web site. The downtimes on your websites even impact the rating of your website. The web hosting services with uptime levels of 99.5% and above must be chosen. Any web host below 99% should be refused automatically.

Web Development Company

Many people are planning to build a website, but not everyone has the technical expertise. Some of them decide for the web development companies to develop it. This lets them build successful websites with many excellent features. The website builders are made available for those consumers with no technical knowledge to develop the website and who do not have enough budget to construct the website. In order to develop the website, website designers have drag and go methods. However, you must be mindful that the website builder is a paid service that you have to compensate for. It is preferable to build the long-term website from the best web developers. It allows you to make the website look and sound friendly and to ensure better returns.


In many instances, the account is disabled for many purposes. This will arise because the website consumes so much Computing resources, breaks other laws and other factors. Then, an understanding of the situations where the accounts are disabled is relevant. It will help you communicate your thoughts and touch your customers openly.


In turn, you have a good idea of your spending, in comparison to the above considerations. This allows you to determine which cost of hosting is within your budget. In addition, details on maintenance costs must also be included when selecting a hosting service, as the registration costs are comparatively less than the maintenance expense. You can not require your website to be set up again. This is also important to test the rates for renewal hostings and then pick an appropriate hosting service. You can also search at current offers during the procurement of a hosting service and use the storage at incredibly low prices.

There are a lot of people who wear watches all the time. Little do they know, there are style tips for wearing your fave watch that will look perfectly suited to your outfits you are wearing now. Many people think watches are only for fashion, however, the most appropriate answer is that watches add beauty in your personality – it looks like you are a busy person with high goals and a very time conscious person who thinks “time is gold and gold is money”.

There are a lot of designer watches in Malaysia that you could choose something that is worth buying for. Below are the tips on how to select the right watch for you.

Type of watch you want

Everyone knows that the primary function of the watches is to tell the time. But the important thing here is to know what type of watches you want to buy and wear. There are watches in Malaysia that you could choose what you want and make sure that the watch you choose is matching the outfit you are wearing everyday.


The more quality, movement, workmanship and features the watch have, the more expensive it is. This is the reason why the average Rolex watch costs a lot more than the usual Timex. It’s up to you whether or not you are willing to pay a huge price.


Do you want to buy a watch for everyday wear? Timepieces usually come in 3 primary styles–sports, designer and dress. Dress watches have plenty of thin cases, gold detail and thick markings. Designer watches, on the other hand, can be of any size or shape.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, go for sports watches. These timepieces are bigger in size, water resistant, luminous markings, glowing hands and bezels.

Brand Names

Do you want to own a Patek Philippe, Cartier, Rolex, Breitling or Tag Heuer watch someday? These are top brands that you should take into account if you want a watch that will last long. However, don’t depend your purchase on name alone. Research on the watch that you want extensively. Take your time in reading about every manufacturer.

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