In technology, there are various paths of career that people can venture into. One area that is incredibly increasing in popularity is the development of apps. As of today, there are thousands of applications available that help people accomplish tasks such as music apps and banking apps. All types of applications are designed and created by app developers.

An app developer is essentially a software engineer whose main duty is to create, test and program apps designed for computers, mobile phones and tablets. Typically, these engineers operate in teams, which conceive up solutions and innovations for the general market or a particular request from a customer or client. App developers are able to comprehend coding languages and how to incorporate them, and can even collaborate to build apps alongside graphic designers, computer scientists, and other tech experts. They also frequently check and repair any vulnerabilities detected prior to product launch.

What do they do?

Softwares for applications can be developed for a single operating system (OS) like an Android , iOS or Windows. Software developers usually focus on the development of a particular aspect such as smartphone applications, multimedia tools, accounting software, and office suites. Marketing firms often do research to gather consumer-related information. The information is then delivered to software developers who build innovative apps that address the use and expense needs of the public. Many variations are created of the same simple program and can be accessed by different user forms like mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

When an app is going into development, the creator of the software starts focusing on making updates which are issued to the public regularly. App creators work for themselves almost as much as they operate for small, medium and large companies, creating ‘local’ interfaces that allow users to complete projects, access content and communicate with brands and others.

What does it take to be an app developer?

Some job skills and requirements in app development include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Skills in customer service
  • Detail-oriented
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Technical skills

Types of app developers

Mobile App Developers

As of today, smartphones and tablets are gradually becoming the device of choice for many people. Mobile software developers have advanced experience in small electronic equipment programming, and creating computer programs for smartphones and other handheld devices. Such developers are concerned with incredibly limited Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry displays, rather than working on devices with a wider PC screen. They’re trained in multimedia apps and various programming languages for handheld computers.

Android Developers

Android is the term used for devices that consist of a Google-owned operating system. Usually, Android comes built on a range of smartphones and tablets manufactured by several vendors like Samsung, Sony, Motorola as well as Google’s own Nexus smartphone. It also provides users exposure to Google apps such as Search, Twitter, Maps, Gmail, etc.

Android developers contribute to the creation of apps in devices that use the android operating system. The apps could range from mobile games to global navigation tools or apps for online book readers. The technology needed for the creation of android is largely open source, and is widely accessible for those involved in creating applications for the use of Android OS. Now is an amazing moment to get a job designing Android. There’s a stable work market, there’s rising competition for mobile devices, and technology is currently progressing.

iOS Developers

iOS is a simplified form of ‘iPhone Apps’ or ‘iPhone Operating System’ which is a software operating system installed on Apple iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. iOS engineers design applications; they learn how to organize, check, monitor, and use source control. Since they know how iOS works, they have a strong understanding of construct views; they can handle user interaction; they can show data; they can show alerts; they can handle navigation; they can display photos, labels and text views; they can interface with REST APIs and decode JSON.

In conclusion, app developers are the reason why we get to enjoy using some of the apps that we’re so familiar with now. They are very important and contribute a lot to the technological world that we’re in today. It is no wonder how much they get paid due to their creativity and innovativeness.

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