Not Mixing Styles and Periods

Oftentimes, we feel limited and boxed in by our home’s architecture. As a result, we choose furniture depending on the time period and architecture. The right thing to do here is to mix several styles. For example, you can combine traditional crown molding with contemporary furniture pieces, contemporary art, African beaded benches and Moroccan antique rugs.

Forgetting to Measure

Always pay attention to the heights of furniture pieces, since traditional furniture is usually bigger than modern ones. A lot of people are having a hard time doing this, so they seek the help of an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Sticking with the most common Fabrics

When it comes to rugs, focus on quality. It’s crucial to choose rugs that would wear well. Beware of those seductive silk rugs. If you have a big family, wool is one of the best choices.

Failure to Test Living Room Arrangements

It’s important to look into views from major living room seating elements. For those who have big open rooms, it’s beneficial to sit on a piece of furniture while assessing the rest of the space. If you have a fireplace, figuring out where to put the television can be hard. You need to think about these things, and test various arrangements to end up with the perfect one.

Choosing the Wrong Sofa

I guess we can all agree that the best living rooms begin with a comfortable, quality and visually appealing sofa. A sofa is the key to absolute comfort, and is central to how a certain room looks and feels. Before buying a sofa, come up with a furniture floor plan. You can buy side tables and living room accessories on impulse, but never for a sofa. That is an expensive mistake.

Hanging Art Works Incorrectly

Art pieces hung in the wrong way on a living room wall are like characters in a TV show wearing incredibly ugly wigs. It can ruin the entire living room experience, and is utterly distracting. Hanging frames on eye level is not always correct, most especially if your ceilings are low.

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