3 Classic Online Games That Anyone From The Early 2000s Would Remember

The early 2000s was a pretty interesting time period as far as they go; with flip phones automatically making you a ‘cool kid’ and songs like Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl blasting through the radios. But the gaming scene of the time was a pretty fascinating one, too – with an array of odd titles getting popular and mainstream, and incredibly nostalgic for those old enough to remember those classic times.

While some of the following games are so old by now that they’re either incredibly out-dated (this is probably a good time to say goodbye, flash – we’ll miss you!) or shut-down altogether, there are still some that are still available to be played today. So if you really want a trip down memory lane, all you need is Time broadband package Malaysia to explore these old games for yourself!

Here are 3 classic online games that anyone from the early 2000s would remember!

1. Neopets

Neopets is possibly the classic pet owner simulator game that dominated the early 2000s. Still accessible today via the website neopets.com, the game featured a cast of adorable(?) fantasy creatures, known as ‘neopets’, that you could choose and adopt based on your preference. Then it’d be up to you, as a pet owner, to take care of your pet by feeding it, attending to it’s needs, and basically making sure it isn’t miserable – you know, kind of like a real pet but…virtualized.

Not to mention, Time broadband Malaysia features a map of the overarching world to which it belongs; also known as ‘Neopia’. But be wary – not everything in this game is sugary sweetness as you’d expect, and some dark secrets may lurk around corners best left undisturbed!

(As I said: the early 2000s was weird.)

2. Club Penguin

In this day and age, who doesn’t remember, or at least heard of, Club Penguin?

The massive multiplayer online game of the era, Club Penguin was a cute game situated in a world of Penguins; in which every city and town was built atop an iceberg and all the inhabitants of said cities were penguins. You could make an account and subsequent penguin avatar for yourself, then explore the world of Club Penguin in all it’s cutely-rendered, mini-game-filled glory – and due to it’s nature as an MMO, you could also log on and greet (or throw snowballs at) your friends!

Sadly, the game was discontinued in 2017; rendering the original experience of waddling about town as a penguin practically inaccessible. But still – owing to it’s early 2000s popularity, Club Penguin is a game that will definitely live on in the memories of those who remember it!

3. Habbo

Habbo is an interesting website that functions less as a game and more as a place for people to log in and hang out. Still up and running today, the Habbo game allows you to make and customize your own pixel avatar, and then enter a game full of virtual hangout spots and personal homes for you to customize and invite your friends to. Every user basically gets their own room in the titular ‘Habbo Hotel’, with a space of your own that you can furnish to your liking with all the furniture you managed to attain. It’s definitely a game with social needs at it’s forefront, but it’s still pretty fun for those who want to chill out and relax in a virtual setting!

The early 2000s was definitely an interesting place for gamers to be, what with all the fascinating (and odd!) games that were circulating within the Internet! While some of these games may still be running and others unfortunately shut down, the gaming experience of the early 2000s is something that will definitely continue to live within the memories of those who remember it – and possibly, if we’re lucky, breathed new life through reimaginings or sequels!

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